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  • 70 % of our Engineers who are visiting sites are Vibration Institute, ISO Certified Category II vibration specialist.
  • We provide 24X7 result oriented Emergency call facilities - Experts reach your plant within few hours.
  • Proven track record - almost all our customers repeatedly use our services; an indication of Customer satisfaction.
  • We have expertise in solving all types of vibration related problems - Rotary, Reciprocating, Earth Moving, Building, Bridges, Blasting, Railways, Tunneling...
  • We provide Timely AMC service and adhere schedules without delays.
  • We identify root cause of the defect & provide solutions.
  • Through effective implementation of Vibration Analysis and maximizing the usage of equipments, we minimize production loss and help turn maintenance to Profit Centre.
Customer Satisfaction98%
Timely Emergency call attendance (< 24 hours)98%
In-situ Dynamic Balancing Success rate98.5%
AMC: Timely Attendance 100%
Increase in customer base68%

The primary concept of the Company is "Helping Industries Build Proactive Maintenance Practices". We provide the following services all under one roof.

We are GOLD Sponsor Representative in India & Corporate member of Vibration Institute, USA. We regularly conduct ANSI accredited ISO certified Courses & Examinations Category I, II & III in Chennai, India... Read More

Our Vibration Analysis training program is considered one of the best among our Customers. We have designed to effect Cultural Change in maintenance practices in your organization. All our Training programs are structured... Read More

We provide our services to Power, Sugar, Iron & Steel, Cement, Shipping, Petrochemicals and... Much More


Year 2016 had been a Great year for us where we celebrated the mark of 11th successful year completion. We are also proud to inform that our Founder/Director who has 31 years of rich experience in the field of Vibration is listed under the International Certified Vibration Consultant by M/s. Vibration Institute, USA - the parent body for Vibration Engineers throughout the world.

We would like to thank all of our customers who continue their patronage & confidence in our team by repeating orders every year for the past 11 years.

We are also happy to announce that similar to Vibration analysis & In-situ Dynamic Balancing , we are also providing the following services on urgent, AMC & continuous monitoring services by our well trained & experienced engineers in ‐

Ground & Building Vibration Measurements
Laser Alignment
Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA).

  • Vibration Institute, USA
    Vibration Institute, USA
    VMI International AB, Sweden
    VMI International AB, Sweden
    Vibraquipo SLU, Spain
    Vibraquipo SLU, Spain